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Sage Willows (b. 1999) is a Contemporary visual artist residing and working in Los Angeles known for his Fluid Camo paintings. His meditative Fluid Camo works and other paintings are guided by his spiritual intuition, which induces the viewer's self-introspection. Willows sees his practice as an ethereal journey that contends with the onslaught of technology, aiming to work against it.

Since his first solo exhibition in 2018, Willows's works have been acquired by private collectors around the world that have a common thread of establishing an institutional collection. He has developed his uncompromisingly personal style that sustains itself throughout his different series. From his Hybrid Fluid Camo works to Bull Paintings, all of the works represent the exploration and reflection of his soul through the use of color therapy, symbolism, and poetic imagery. Willows creates the works in a meditative mind state within a deranged environment, which materializes into his works that evoke a sense of order within chaos. 

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